Sacrament: Homage to a River


Exhibition Overview

The Sacramento River watershed is larger than the state of Ohio.   It is one of the most important watersheds in California and contributes significantly to the State’s economy.  From farmers, to ecologists, to fishermen, to household consumers, we are all invested in our watershed.

Landscape photographer, Geoff Fricker, has been documenting the Sacramento for decades.   He is inspired by the slow but certain path of the river—which meanders in spite of all attempts to control it.  Sacrament, Homage to a River, is Fricker's stunning, large format, black and white photography, which captures the ephemeral and powerful nature of water and traces that place between the natural and cultural forces that influence, and are influenced by, the river that runs right by our door.

Fricker states "in terms of public awareness, policy and facilitating dialogue, photography can be a catalyst by revealing narratives surrounding the land.  With the Sacramento, there is a finite amount of water with many competing interests. The issues are complex, but the watershed’s future is ultimately determined by the number of straws sucking water from it.  A thriving agricultural community and environment are dependent on the health of rivers and streams.  This questionable future inspired my work for this exhibit and book."

Sacrament, Homage to a River is supported by The Fly Shop.

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