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your day at turtle bay

Due to the closure of the Visitor Center, space has been reduced and we will no longer be able to begin your visit with an orientation.

Please review appropriate behavior with your students before coming on your field trip. Behavior expectations at Turtle Bay are similar to what you teach at school, i.e. walking in the building, using quiet voices, and respecting property, animals, and other people.

The confirmation packet emailed to you includes a Chaperone Guide. Please provide each adult with a copy of the Chaperone Guide prior to your visit so they will be familiar with Museum appropriate behavior and offer guidance to the students in their group.

All students and adults must arrive at Turtle Bay wearing a name tag with the school's name, not individual names. You will be charged a fee of .25 cents per name tag if we provide one for you, so please don't forget!


All school programs must be pre-registered at least two weeks in advance by calling 530-242-3108.
• Confirmation of your booking, driving directions, and a chaperone guide will be e-mailed to you.
• Payment for your visit is due upon arrival. Preferred method of payment is by purchase order, check or credit card. If you need Turtle Bay to invoice your school or district you MUST provide a copy of the purchase order form at check-in.  Turtle Bay cannot bill for admission without a copy of the P.O.  If paying with cash, please bring exact amounts (no coins, please!)
• Book early for May and June 2013 as spaces fill up quickly.
• With less than 48 hours notice, there is a non-refundable $50 charge for cancellations.


Field Trip Admission





Required Chaperones


Additional Chaperones


Member Adults


* All rates are per person.  Field trip fees are not waived for members' children.


Please determine designated chaperones in advance of arrival.  

Required chaperone ratio:
• One adult chaperone per 2 students for pre-school groups.
• One adult chaperone per 5 students for kindergarten and 1st grade.
• One adult chaperone per 8 students for 2nd grade and up.
• Teacher and required chaperones are admitted free.
• Teachers are not included in the chaperone ratio.
• Teachers Aides are considered chaperones.