Adopt an Animal

Support the animals of Turtle Bay Exploration Park by making them an honorary part of your family! All animals need lots of love and support. You can help feed and care for an animal at Turtle Bay by making them a part of your life.

Animals for Adoption at Turtle Bay

These cute and curious critters bring joy to thousands of school children and families every year!

A North American Porcupine, only uses her 30,000 quills for protection! 





A Gray Fox, she was confiscated from a private home where she was being kept illegally. Unable to be released back into the wild, she is a wonderful addition to the Turtle Bay animal fold. 





Our Barn Owl - her silent flight makes her a stealthy hunter despite her delightful appearance.




Adoption Levels

All levels receive:

$50 Donation Level

$100 Donation Level

$250 Donation Level

Adopt-An-Animal bags are currently sold out.  Check back in mid-2014 for our updated Adopt-An-Animal offerings.

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