Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo

 Range:  Throughout northern and eastern Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Aru Islands.  They have also been introduced to New Zealand.

Habitat:  They can be found in savannas, scrub, mallee, and woodlands, close to water and farmlands.



He was purchased from a pet store as a nestling in 1984.  He arrived at Turtle Bay in April, 2008. 

Umbrella Cockatoo

 Range:  Northern and central Mollucas.

Habitat:  Forests and Farmlands



She was donated to the Tracy Aviary January, 1995 by someone who no longer wanted her.  Her name was  Bosco.  Her name was changed to Monroe for Marilyn Monroe. She joined us at Turtle Bay in 2010.

Fun Facts

  • Cockatoos may live to be 50-60 years old!
  • Most cockatoos are sexually dimorphic; the males have black eyes while the females have brown eyes.
  • Many Australians view cockatoos as pests. These birds destroy farmer’s crops.
  • Cockatoos use their crests for communication, and are considered by some scientists to be the most advanced of parrots because of it.
  • Cockatiels may be more closely related to cockatoos than previously thought.  In 2005, a cockatiel was accidentally bred to a galah cockatoo, indicating close genetic relation.