Turtle Bay Exploration Park is a fun, non-profit 300-acre gathering place featuring the Sundial Bridge, a museum, forestry & wildlife center, arboretum and botanical gardens. At the gateway to the Sacramento River Trails, Turtle Bay celebrates far Northern California as part of the world we share. We envision Turtle Bay Exploration Park as a vibrant gathering place where our community is strengthened through education, cultural engagement and economic growth.

Mission Statement

To inspire wonder, exploration, and appreciation of our world.

Our Values

  • Playfulness – Learning is easier when it’s fun and interactive and incorporates that spirit of enjoyment, healthy movement and activity when appropriate.
  • Real world experiences – Learning is enhanced through interaction with living and non-living collections and this special place along the river we call home.
  • Interdisciplinary –Learning is enhanced when we recognize connections between art, history, and sciences.
  • Community – We strive to make our park accessible and affordable, base our offerings on relevant community needs and feedback, and value our many community partnerships which make us stronger.
  • Lifelong learning – The pursuit of knowledge and the joy of learning is important at every age. We aim to give both children and adults the opportunity to learn in a safe environment.
  • Integrity – We accomplish our goals with honesty and transparency, seeking excellence in service.
  • Sustainability – We strive to be the best stewards we can be of natural and cultural resources, protecting them for generations to come.