Turtle Bay
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at Turtle Bay Exploration Park


Redding Rancheria Community Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation Presents

Material Culture: Form, Function, and Fashion
October 21, 2017 – January 7, 2018

From everyday things like your backpack or your bath towel to specialty items such as parachutes or fiberglass, textiles are everywhere. Explore the stuff we wear, sleep under, sit on, and use to insulate our homes. How can cloth stop a bullet? Can you tell synthetics from natural fibers? What’s the difference in how a Persian rug and a Navajo rug are made? Pound for pound, which is warmer wool or polyester fleece? Focusing on Turtle Bay’s rich collection of textiles, this touchy-feely exhibition goes back into pre-history; takes a journey down the Silk Road; examines the roots of the Industrial Revolution; looks at the concept of fashion; and takes a peek at the future of fabric.

Additional support from Maggie Redmon & Theresa Muth



Five Star Bank Presents

Art Exposed: Turtle Bay’s Permanent Collection
October 28, 2017 – March 30, 2018

Does is have to be a painting in a gold frame to be art? Heck no! From historic landscapes by renowned artists such as William Keith and William Hahn to abstract expressionist works by Manual Neri and Sam Francis, and from Japanese woodblock prints to monumental macramé, hundreds of pieces in dozens of styles in a multitude of media are featured in this eclectic exhibition of Turtle Bay’s art collection. Find out how we got these pieces. Learn why “salon hanging” works for some art styles, but not for others. Explore the differences between oils and acrylics. A drop-in art studio built right into the exhibition gives everyone an opportunity to create their own works of art.  

Supported by Bill & Kathleen Evanhoe and Best Western PLUS Hilltop Inn/C.R. Gibbs American Grille. Additional support from Arch & Eve Pugh and Law Offices of Pugh and Van Voris

Smokejumpers: Firefighters from the Sky
October 28, 2018 – January 7, 2018

The National Smokejumper Association presents this exhibition about the fascinating history of the United States Forest Service Smokejumper program. Learn what it takes to be a Smokejumper, dive into the history of fire suppression in the United States, explore how the program came about, and even discover its role in homefront defense during WWII! After viewing the exhibition, visit the Mill Building in Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp and try out your jumping skills in the new Smokejumper Experience!

Design Zone
January 27, 2018 – April 6, 2018

What does it take to create a video game, line up rhythms with the best DJs, or design a roller coaster that produces the biggest thrills? Go behind the scenes to see how developers, producers, and designers use math to do amazing things. From the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, this interactive exhibition highlights the relationship between mathematical thinking and the creative process. Explore concepts like patterns, variables, scale, slope, and ratios used by artists, architects, engineers, musicians, and other innovators.

World’s Largest Dinosaurs
May 5, 2018 – September 9, 2018

How did they get so big? Go beyond the bones and into the bodies of these titans to find out what scientists have discovered about the link between size and heart rate, respiration, metabolism, and reproduction. Hands-on data gathering and computer stations, arcade-style learning games, touchable fossils and models, and a paleontology dig pit are just a few of the interactive elements in this exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History. The centerpiece, a 60-foot Mamenchisaurus with multimedia projection, provides a glimpse of what’s going on inside that giant body.

Spotlight on North State History

Visit the People of the Sacramento Gallery to check out this changing exhibit that features a different aspect of our local history every few months. Find out about our historic industries, neighborhoods, and famous families.  

Artifact of the Month

This rotating exhibit features objects from Turtle Bay’s 35,000 piece collection of art and artifacts. See what it on display and help us choose future exhibits by voting in our popular poll.

Supported by Dignity Health North State – Mercy Medical Center Redding



Families Of Turtle Bay 

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