at Turtle Bay Exploration Park

More than 14,000 visitors a year experience our school tour programs, from northern California, western Nevada and southern Oregon, to learn about the Sacramento River region, science, art, history, forestry and horticulture. You can make the most of your visit by choosing an option that best works for you: a basic self-guided experience, or enrich your visit with an interactive Exploration Class. Groups may also want to consider a stroll on the Sundial Bridge and through the Botanical Gardens.

To schedule a field trip call 530-242-3108 or email us here.

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Important Dates

Exploration Classes are offered until April 25, 2019. With the exception of: Animals! Animals! Animals! has limited dates between September 28, 2018 – February 15, 2019. MAGE has limited dates between January 30 – March 14, 2019.

The Walk on the Wild Side animal show begins May 11, 2019


All school programs must be registered at least two weeks in advance. After you register, you will be emailed a confirmation of your reservation, information to prepare for your field trip, driving directions, and a chaperone guide. With less than 48 hours’ notice, there is a non-refundable $50 charge for cancellations. To schedule your field trip, please call 530-242-3108.

Field Trip Fees

Independent Exploration

  • Students $4

  • Additional Chaperones $8

Animals! Animals! Animals!:

  • Student $6

  • Additional Chaperones $8

Other Exploration Classes:

  • Students $5

  • Additional Chaperones $8

FREE for: Teachers, Required Chaperones, Adult Members

Required chaperone ratio: Please determine designated chaperones and chaperone-led groups in advance of arrival and distribute chaperone guide to all adults attending. 

  • 1 adult chaperone per 2 students for preschool

  • 1 adult chaperone per 5 students for kindergarten and 1st grade

  • 1 adult chaperone per 8 students for 2nd grade and up

  • Teacher and required chaperones are admitted free.

  • Teachers are not included in the chaperone ratio

  • Teachers’ Aides are considered additional chaperones.


    Payment for your visit is due upon arrival by check, credit card, or purchase order.