at Turtle Bay Exploration Park


Fall Plant Sale
October 6 - December 29, 2018

Our Fall Plant Sale includes a 25% discount for the public, and a 35% discount for Turtle Bay members! Our horticulture experts are here to help with your gardening questions. Email us at

 Hours & location - Open to the Public

Every Friday & Saturday, 9am - 1pm                 
1100 Arboretum Drive, Redding, CA                  
Phone 530-242-3169                                        

Plant Prices                                                                                                                        1 gallon - $7.50        2 gallon - $11.00      5 gallon - $16.00   15 gallon - $25.00                                                                              

About Our Nursery 

Turtle Bay's Nursery at the McConnell Arboretum & Botanical Gardens offers California natives, mediterranean-climate zone species, ornamental grasses, and locally adapted perennials for purchase by the public.  All of our plants are propagated on site! We grow drought tolerant plants and plants that survive and thrive in our area.

In the inventory list below, check out our wide variety of ornamental Salvias (Sages), perfect for local gardens!


Nursery Inventory List

Below is a list of current plant inventory in the Turtle Bay Nursery.  CLICK on the plant botanical names below to download PDF information sheets.  Please note: we work to keep the inventory up-to-date, but availability is subject to change. 

Inventory list is best viewed with desktop computer, not mobile optimized at this time.