Paul Bunyan's Forest Camp

Paul Bunyan's Forest Camp at Turtle Bay

Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp is an educational hub modeled after an old-time forest camp similar to ones all over Shasta County a hundred years ago. North State forests and wildlife are the heart of the Millhouse museum, and visitors delight in viewing the animals and exploring the hands-on exhibits.  In addition to the Millhouse, the Paul Bunyan campus consists of outdoor play equipment, a water feature, an amphitheater that hosts our seasonal animal show and the Parrot Playhouse, our year-round aviary featuring Lorikeets.

A Place To Learn
Learn all about local bird life from interactive computer programs. Learn how to tell the difference between rattle and gopher snakes. Create a leaf rubbing or tree necklace from one of the rotating craft projects set out to help educate young visitors about the unique relationships between animals, humans and ecosystems in our Northern California forests. 

A Voice For The Past
The history of logging in the North State is brought to life through artifacts that were used in our woods a century ago, and photographs show what life in a lumber camp was like. Learn about the camp’s namesake, the Paul Bunyan Lumber Company, and its founders, the Stratford family, whose contributions built the Forest Camp for the education and enjoyment of our visitors.

A Voice For The Future
The timber and forest industries in the region are a vibrant part of the area’s cultural fabric. Evening talks about current forest resource issues ranging from catastrophic fires to global warming pay tribute to issues that matter to the North State. To see upcoming talks, visit Turtle Bay’s calendar of events.

The Elliott Redwood

Elliot Log Elliot log install

When this Redwood was planted in 1850 in downtown Grass Valley, Calif., communication by telegraph was creating a revolution and San Francisco had just received its official incorporation as a city. This 29,600 pound Redwood log was donated to Turtle Bay's forestry program by Dennis Elliott and Daughters Logging.

Log facts:

  • The log is 18 feet long with a 10'6" diameter on the large end and almost 6' diameter at the small end, and weighs in at 29,600 pounds.
  • It's estimated that there are 3,810 board feet of timber in the log.
  • This tree was too big for the mills!

Interpretive Forest

The Elliott Redwood is a great place to start on the the trail of trees through the Interpretive Forest. This miniature forest boasts samples of most of Northern California's trees. Compare the 150-year-old Elliott Redwood with Redwoods that were planted less than 20 years ago when Turtle Bay first opened! Learn about differences in needles, cone and bark that help us identify the trees that populate northern California's forests. Learn how evolutionary adaptations made fire ecology crucial to the survival of some of these species.

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