The museum is our favorite part of Turtle Bay. All the different exhibitions and exhibits keep our kids engaged, while having fun learning. Everything is really hands-on and they love pulling, winding, and spinning everything they can.

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Turtle Bay Museum Redding California.jpg

The wildlife is another highlight for the us. Turtle Bay has a wide variety of reptiles and fish in the museum that our kids love to stop by and see when we visit. 

Turtle Bay Exploration Park Museum Redding.jpg
Turtle Bay Redding Museum.jpg
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The replica of the Shasta Caverns is incredibly realistic and very informative on all that one could expect to see when visiting them in person.

We highly recommend anyone with kids to consider getting a membership at Turtle Bay. We can't say enough good about this place. The family membership is only $80 a year. If you were to break that down monthly, is cheaper than a Netflix account. 

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Turtle Bay Exploration Park Museum Redding.jpg