Weekend Photos: Material Culture, Science Saturday, Animal Programs

This past weekend, Turtle Bay opened Material Culture; Form, Function and Fashion - a unique exhibition curated in-house from our own collection of textiles and materials. this touchy-feely exhibition goes back into pre-history; takes a journey down the Silk Road; examines the roots of the Industrial Revolution; looks at the concept of fashion; and takes a peek at the future of fabric. 

The grand opening also included spinners showcasing how thread is created while weavers demonstrated how that same thread is turned into fabric with authentic looms, right here in the Turtle Bay museum for visitors to see. Live alpacas also joined the fun, giving visitors the chance to see and touch the animal's fuzzy wool. 

We also put on our monthly Science Saturday activities throughout the museum, themed "The Chemistry of Color". Visitors learned about the science of color with hands-on activities facilitated by knowledgable Turtle Bay staff and volunteers, creating memorable learning experiences for all ages. 

As if that wasn't enough, our animal department launched it's fall/winter programing, including Animal Coverings; Fur, Feathers and Scales, Survival! Indoor Animal Show, and Animal Parade. See our calendar or event list for more details on upcoming happenings at Turtle Bay.