The learning opportunities that are offered for my kids at Turtle Bay are incredible. The exhibitions are always rotating and there are always new things for them to learn and engage with. Everything is very hands-on, and that is an extremely effective way to teach kids.

Turtle Bay Parrot Playhouse Redding California.jpg
Turtle Bay Parrot Playhouse Turaco Birds.jpg

The Parrot Playhouse is a very entertaining way to escape the heat and experience some hands-on interaction with exotic birds. There aren't very many places you can take kids to have an experience like this.

Turtle Bay Lorikeets Redding California.jpg

Wildlife Woods is another one of our favorite things about Turtle Bay. It is where the majority of the animals live. They have everything from bobcats to foxes, ravens to eagles. Turtle Bay as done a great job making this an educational experience and my kids have really enjoyed seeing the live animals while learning about them.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park Owl.jpg