River of Turtles


Why did you chose to donate to Turtle Bay through the River of Turtles program?

Well, we are Turtle Bay, and the River of Turtles has such a nice ring to it. We are right next to a river of turtles (Sacramento River) so it seemed like a very fitting way to donate.

How long have you been coming to Turtle Bay?

I have been a docent here for over 13 years.

What is your favorite place/exhibit/animal/etc at Turtle Bay?

That's really hard to answer. I love the museum because I like art and anthropology and this is a wonderful blend of the two. I also like the Sundial Bridge and am so happy that we have that here in town. The hiking trails and gardens are great and what we have done to foster the walking. 

What is one of your fondest memories here at Turtle Bay?

Oh that's an easy one. About there years ago I was asked to co-curate the quilt exhibit and that is one of the highlights of my life.

What does Turtle Bay bring to Redding and the area?

Turtle Bay is such an asset to the community and I wished that more people realized that. At almost anytime you walk across the bridge you can hear so many different language. It is a wonderful pull for all kinds of people because we have so many things to offer for all ages.  Some people think that it is just a money sink and I don't understand that.