Did you know that you can support the animals of Turtle Bay Exploration Park by making them an honorary part of your family? All animals need lots of love and support, and now you can help support the care and feeding of animals at Turtle Bay through the Adopt-an-Animal program! 

This is Whisper, our featured animal this week for the Adopt-An-Animal program. Whisper was found near an oil rigger in Kansas. The workers who found her placed her in the nearest woods, hoping the mother would come back, but the next morning she was back at the oil rigger. She was only a week old. Kansas law says to euthanize, but the local zoo saved her and sent her to us so we could use her as an ambassador for her species in our educational programs.


Turtle Bay’s Adopt-an-Animal program is the ultimate warm fuzzy experience and is the perfect gift for all ages. You can choose an animal to be a part of your family or to honor a loved one with the gift of knowing your contribution plays a role in feeding and supporting these cute and curious critters under the care of trained Turtle Bay staff. 

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