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All animals need lots of love and support, and now you can help support the care and feeding of animals at Turtle Bay through the Adopt-an-Animal program! You can choose an animal to be a part of your family or to honor a loved one with the gift of knowing your contribution plays a role in feeding and supporting these cute and curious critters under the care of trained Turtle Bay staff. 

This is Digger our featured animal this week for the Adopt-An-Animal program. Digger was found along the road in southern Oregon orphaned after his mom was hit by a car. Arrived at Turtle Bay August 16, 2011 at about 5 months of age. Digger is the smartest mammal that the Turtle Bay trainer’s have trained.  He learns new behaviors in as little as one or two sessions. Digger made his national debut on television playing Bucky the Badger on the hit show New Girl in spring 2013.  Digger’s favorite treat is honey.

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All adoption levels receive a special adoption greeting card. $50 donation level also receives a Turtle Bay supporter decal. $100 donation level receives recognition on the designated animal’s Adoptive Parent’s page (coming soon). $250 donation level receives a special invitation to meet some of the animals up close and personal at Turtle Bay’s annual Meet-n-Greet! Animals at Turtle Bay are not able to be released into the wild and become our Animal Ambassadors, providing our educational messaging at the Park.

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