VIDEO: Red Fox

The Red Fox are the largest member of the fox family. Their hearing is so good, they can hear a mouse 3 feet under snow. These fox were originally from England, but were brought with them around the world. They are now considered invasive species, which means they’re not supposed to be here and are causing harm to other wildlife.

Our Red Fox, Loki, was found as an orphan at only 4 weeks old. Loki could not be released back into the wild and he came to Turtle Bay at 6 weeks of age. Red Fox are not picky eaters and they’ll eat everything from rabbits and rodents to insects, frogs and birds. The long bushy tail of this fox is used like a scarf. In the Winter they’ll wrap it around their face to keep them warm. The thick coat of this fox is only for warmth in the Winter. In the Spring, they shed it all out and they’re skinny little animals underneath.

Come see Loki here at Turtle Bay, where you can find him down in Wildlife Woods or in many of our presentations throughout the year. You can help support Turtle Bay’s efforts by sponsoring this or any of our other animal ambassadors through our Adopt-An-Animal program.