VIDEO: Bobcat

Bobcats are the most abundant wildcat in North America but, being so elusive, it’s hard for anybody to ever spot one. Bobcats get their name from the shortened or bobbed tail. The coloration of a bobcat’s fur depends on where they live. If they live in the woods, they have a lot of spots. If they live in the open areas, it’s more solid.

Bobcats have white spots on the back of their ears that actually helps to keep them safe. Those false eyes are staring up, looking like a giant animal. Bobcats are amazing predators. They can actually leap straight in the air over 8 feet to catch birds right out of the sky.

Our bobcat, Whisper, was found as an orphan in Kansas. She came to us at only 5 weeks of age and now she’s an incredible ambassador for her species. You can come see Whisper here at Turtle Bay Exploration Park out in her home of Wildlife Woods or in many of our educational shows throughout the year. You can help support Turtle Bay’s efforts by sponsoring this or any of our other animal ambassadors through our Adopt-An-Animal program.