VIDEO: Beavers

Beavers are completely designed for life around the water. They have special membranes across their eyes that act like goggles. Their fur is waterproof. Their feet, back feet, are webbed and they’ve got that flat tail that acts like a rudder.

Beaver’s are actually very important to the environment! By building dams, they create homes for many other wildlife like salmon, that use the deep pools to survive the winters, and lots of homes for birds and other wildlife.

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Our beaver, Timber, was born at the Minnesota Zoo and came to us at Turtle Bay when he was only 7 weeks old. He was raised by the trainers to be an ambassador for his species. Because he was raised with humans, he can’t survive on his own in the wild. People can come visit Timber at Turtle Bay Exploration Park at many of our animal programs or with a special behind the scenes tours.

You can help support Turtle Bay’s efforts by sponsoring this or any of our other animal ambassadors through our Adopt-An-Animal program.