River Of Turtles


The Turtles are back!!!

We are happy to announce that our very popular River of Turtles program has just been relaunched and turtles are now available for purchase!

Our remarkable, whimsical display of personally engraved Turtles is visible for all to see and enjoy adjacent to the Turtle Bay Museum entrance and the Museum Store & Coffee Bar.  Your generous gift shows lasting support with a personalized Turtle plaque to celebrate a special occasion or honor loved ones.

A little history…. Our River of Turtles program started in 2002, at the same time the Museum opened, as an opportunity for the average family to affordably contribute and feel part of Turtle Bay Exploration Park.  Bev Stupek, former Development Officer, worked closely with Museum architect and the contractor, Gifford Construction, to develop a design that would accomplish this purpose in an aesthetically pleasing approach that aligned well with the overall imaging of Turtle Bay.  Bolen CyWinski and Jackson created the idea and Gifford Construction donated much of the materials needed for the initial River of Turtles.  This program was so popular that the screens quickly filled up with personally engraved turtles.  In 2011, the screens were full and the program has been on hiatus waiting for new screens to be installed.  

We are so thrilled to say that new screens have been installed in the café patio area adjacent to Domke Plaza and are ready to welcome new turtles!

To kick-off our relaunch, the first turtle that was placed on the new screens is dedicated to our recently retired Development Officer, Bev Stupek.  Since 1999, Bev has been a champion ambassador for Turtle Bay and has achieved more accomplishments than we could possibly mention.  You are a Forever Turtle and we will miss you greatly Bev!

New Turtles are fabricated in groups and should be up within six weeks of purchase.  Donors are notified by email once Turtles are installed.   Turtle plaques are $100/plaque for members and $150/plaque for non-members.  Loved ones honored through the purchase of a Turtle plaque will also be recognized on our website.

All proceeds support the world-class ongoing educational and cultural programs at Turtle Bay Exploration Park.  Donations to River of Turtles are tax-deductible.

To add your personally engraved Turtle to our River, please visit the Museum Store or Front Desk to order in person or call (530) 242-3143 to order by phone, or click on link below to submit a form online.