VIDEO: American Badger

PBS Animal Spotlight: American Badger

Badgers are very intelligent animals. Despite having a really ferocious reputation, they’re actually fairly docile and solitary.  Badgers are equipped with large front claws for digging, as they go after their favorite food of underground rodents. They can actually dig over 3 feet per minute! Acting like a shovel, they use their web-like feet to pull the dirt out of the ground. Badgers also live underground in burrows. In fact, they may even dig a new burrow every single night.

Turtle Bay’s badger, Digger, was found on the side of the road after his mom was hit by a car back in 2011. He came from Oregon when he was about 5 months old, here to Turtle Bay. Digger is one of the smartest animals that we have here at Turtle Bay. He’s able to learn some of his natural behaviors on cue in less than one training session. You can see Digger here in action at any of our animal programs at Turtle Bay, including our Walk on the Wild Side Animal Show or one of our many Winter programs. 

You can help support Turtle Bay’s efforts by sponsoring this or any of our other animal ambassadors through our Adopt-An-Animal program.