VIDEO: Turkey Vulture

PBS Animal Spotlight: Turkey Vulture

Vultures are the single most important scavengers in the world. Turkey vultures are able to consume so many different types of viruses and bacterias that would normally kill other animals. Things like salmonella, anthrax, and even botulism.  Because of this incredible immune system, vultures are really important with keeping us healthy.

Most birds have a very poor sense of smell,  but the turkey vulture is one of only two birds that have an excellent sense of smell. If you look closely, you can see right through their nostrils. This incredible sense of smell allows vultures to be able to detect a fresh carcass from over a mile away.

Before she came to Turtle Bay, our turkey vulture, Buzz, was shot, and now she has a permanent wing injury that makes it so she can’t fly. Luckily though, she has a great life that she will spend here at Turtle Bay. 

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