2019 West Coast Biennial

at Turtle Bay Exploration Park

West Coast Biennial features original art from west coast artists living in California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. The exhibition provides a forum for both established and emerging artists working on the west coast in a diversity of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and mixed media.

“Many local talents are featured this year, in our fifth Biennial”, says Julia Cronin, Curator of Collections & Exhibits at Turtle Bay. “Guests will have an opportunity to meet and be inspired by some of the artists behind the work and to vote for their favorite piece.” Come in and see the exhibition, and vote for your favorite piece for the People’s Choice Awards.

Best in Show - Mark Oliver, Paisaje 
First Prize - Edward Teague, Spirit Lake
Second Prize - Shery Larson, Fiddler on the Bench
Third Prize - Lisa McCutcheon, Molt
Honorable Mention - Jenny Schoensiegel, Beauty Spot
People’s Choice Award - Rocki Sampson, Cockadoodle

The West Coast Biennial Art Competition and Exhibition is supported by Kathleen & Bill Evanhoe and submissions will be on display at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park Museum through April 28, 2019. Admission to this exhibition is free for members/ included with Park admission.

2019 West Coast Biennial Artists

Brandin Baron - Poor Bird…
Monica Beck - Stories Untold
Elizabeth Bennett - Grocery Stories
Angela Bennie - Eyesore
Diana Bunney - Unsettled
Pat Calabro - Maleficent Bouquet
Bev Corford - Comfort Me
Sharon Crabill - Cutting Edg, A Little Light
Fretta Cravens - Flower Composition 8
Jill Cruz - Bison
Michael Eichwald - Cook Concrete Abstraction
Nicholas Fedak II - Roadhouse, Sugar Shack, Porch from a Summer's Dream
Lorrie Fink - Hijinx, Ferm 274
Erin Friedman - Whiskeytown Blue #2
Finley Fryer - Sixes, Female Figure
Brent Gibb - Out to Pasture
Ellen Hedfield - Ludlow - Bypassed
Gina Herrera - A Devoted Oracle
Amanda Jensen - Cola Intimacy
Monica Jevne - Patience
Jory A. Jones - In Preparation for Kugu…
Karla Kaizoji Austin - Fisherman
Tim Kelly - Sunset at Split Rock
Bonnie Lampley - The Cosmos at our Feet
Maureen Langenbach - Jolly Ball
Shery Larson - Fiddler on the Bench
Eloise Larson - Stopping
Stephanie Luke - Debris
Dana Mano-Flank - Dawn at Sea
Lisa McCutcheon - Molt
Linda McGinnis - Safe Places Series, Birdwatching
Mary Meisner - Cambodian Woman
Janice Nakashima - Chorale 1
Richard Newman - Sonia's Orbit
Sandy Obester - Rice Fields
Mark Oliver - Paisaje
Rebecca Ormond - Spaces_Private
Neil Peck - Rain Forest, Great Blue
Jessica Perez - Untitled
RoseAnn Ponting - Cousin Nancy
Rocki Sampson - Cockadoodle
Jenny Schoensiegel - Beauty Spot, In the Night II
Michele Steineke - Walking Biff
Edward Teague - Spirit Lake, Memories of Trees
Susan Tescher - Journey to the Past, Solitude, Awakening
Christopher Unger - Burst #03
Cathy Valentine - Floating
Tamara Watson - Surmounting the Maelstrom
Lura Wilhelm - Surmounting the Maelstrom