Redding Rancheria Community Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation Presents:

Material Culture: Form, Function, and Fashion
Turtle Bay Museum Art Gallery
October 21, 2017 – January 7, 2018

From everyday things like your backpack or your bath towel to specialty items such as parachutes or fiberglass, textiles are everywhere. Explore the stuff we wear, sleep under, sit on, and use to insulate our homes. How can cloth stop a bullet? Can you tell synthetics from natural fibers? What’s the difference in how a Persian rug and a Navajo rug are made? Pound for pound, which is warmer wool or polyester fleece? Focusing on Turtle Bay’s rich collection of textiles, this touchy-feely exhibition goes back into pre-history; takes a journey down the Silk Road; examines the roots of the Industrial Revolution; looks at the concept of fashion; and takes a peek at the future of fabric. 

Additional support from Maggie Redmon and Theresa Muth


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